The Best Cheap Rabbit Hutches For Under $175

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Best Cheap Bunny Hutches

Cheap bunny hutches are a little hit and miss. There are some great products out there, and some products you’ll be wishing you hadn’t purchased. If you’re looking at buying a bunny, or purchasing some new accomodation for your rabbit, then this article is for you. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to spend on a DIY project for your rabbit… Or the time to scout out which cheap bunny hutch is best for you. That’s why I’ve researched a few cheap rabbit hutches that you can buy for under $175. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your rabbit spends some supervised time outside of their usual accommodation so they can graze, relax and simply do what bunnies should naturally do.

I haven’t quoted the exact prices of the hutches, since they’re constantly changing. If you’d like to know the price of each product, just be sure to click the relevant links to be quickly directed to the product on Amazon.

I’d like to preface this article with a short reminder. Even though we look for rabbit hutches that are large enough for your rabbit, it is important that you let your rabbit have some supervised free time outside of their hutch every now and then as it is vital for their health.

And, with all honesty – when it comes to rabbit hutches, you get what you pay for. In the end, it will be better for your wallet if you purchase something a little more expensive that you know will be durable, and safer for your rabbits.

1.    Merax Rabbit Hutch

The Merax Rabbit hutch is one of the better cheap rabbit hutches on sale. Not only is it a great option for rabbit accommodation, it is also suitable for other small pets you might have, such as guinea pigs. The product is made from a high-quality, durable fir wood, and is brushed with a waterproof paint. It also has a tray which is simple to slide out for cleaning. The Merax rabbit hutch is easy to assemble and includes instructions and hardware.

Dimensions: Length x Depth x Height = 48” x 25” x 36” = 122cm x 64cm x 91cm

Advantages of the Merax Rabbit Hutch

  • Made with high quality fir wood.
  • Coated with a waterproof paint.
  • The insertable tray is made of wood to match the rest of the hutch, but has a layer of metal inside to protect against your rabbit’s urine.
  • Easy-to-follow directions included with the product purchase.
  • All holes are pre-drilled, and all the hardware you’ll need to build the hutch is given with the product.
  • Your bunny might like the closed-in space at the top of the hutch as a relaxing/hiding spot! They’ll also be safe from the weather here. The dimensions of tis top area is 19.5” x 20.5”

Disadvantages of the Merax Rabbit Hutch

  • This hutch is on the small side. I personally wouldn’t use it if you have two bunnies, but for a small bunny that needs accommodation, I’d highly recommend it!
  • As with many similar products, once the hutch is set up, it is very difficult to move – for example, the ramp comes off very easily.
  • Your bunny will probably nibble at the wood – this is normal! Expect to have to replace this hutch in a few years.
  • Does not come with a base – you will likely have to buy a base (I recommend purchasing a sheet of plywood).
  • Some customers have reported an “odour” from the hutch when they first set it up, however this disappears with time.
  • Fir wood is closely related to cedar wood, which is toxic to rabbits. Merax have not confirmed the non-toxicity of the wood in this product. 

My thoughts: This hutch is quite small. But it’s great if you own a small rabbit and are looking for somewhere to keep your rabbit while you run a few errands. You could keep one small rabbit in here for the majority of the time, but if you are looking at permanent accommodation for any more than one small rabbit, you might need to look further. Rabbits always need time outside their hutches to play!

Click here to check the price of the Merax Rabbit Hutch on Amazon.

2.    Advantek – The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to cheap bunny hutches. At an affordable price, their quality is immaculate. The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch comes in Auburn and White colours, and will keep your rabbit safe from predators outdoors. Alternatively, you could use this hutch as an indoor hutch, as it would absolutely suit the interior of most homes! It is clear that this hutch is designed to last – it employs decay and rot-resistant wood, rust-resistant hardware and a waterproof asphalt roof that insulates the entire upper area of the hutch – keeping your bunny cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

This hutch is part of Advantek’s GoneGreen line of Rabbit and Poultry hutches. Advantek maintains that the Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is a great way to shelter your rabbit from the elements. The hutch is made from durable Cypress Fir, which is naturally decay and rot resistant.

The Stilt House Hutch is multi-level, and contains a Nesting Box – a safe indoor spot for your rabbit to sleep and rest comfortably. The outdoor area of the hutch is also enclosed with rabbit-friendly wire to keep your bunny safe from potential predators.

Dimensions: Length x Depth x Height = 48” x 25” x 36” = 122cm x 64cm x 91cm

Advantages of the Advantek Stilt House Hutch

  • Made from durable Cypress Fir wood, so is naturally decay and rot resistant.
  • All hardware in the hutch – wire, latches and hinges are galvanized to prevent rust.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Very light weight hutch for easy movability.
  • The hutch is very roomy at the bottom – your bunny will have space to move around.
  • There is a plastic tray in the upstairs compartment that is easy to clean.
  • If you can try and distract your rabbit from chewing on the hutch, the Stilt House Hutch will definitely last.

Disadvantages of the Advantek Stilt House Hutch

  • As with most hutches, your rabbit is likely to chew on the wood. To avoid this, you’ll need to provide them with toys, food and plenty to occupy them!
  • This hutch has no bottom – if you’re keeping your rabbit indoors you’ll need to place it over something. If you’re keeping your rabbit outdoors, you may have to bury some chicken wire to stop your bunny digging out. To evaluate whether to keep your rabbit inside or outside, see our article “Should I Keep My Bunny Inside Or Outside?
  • Advantek are also yet to confirm whether the Fir wood the Stilt House Hutch is made out of is non-toxic to rabbits – it is very important to purchase with caution.

My thoughts: The Stilt House Hutch is similar in size to the Merax Rabbit Hutch. Since this is the case, I still believe that if your rabbit or rabbits are living in this hutch, you’ll need to give them some quality outside time where they can run around and play. Like most cheap bunny hutches, you do get what you pay for. Within this price range, you’re looking at a great, efficient product – but there are certain additions you may have to make. You’ll need to look into ways to stop your bunny digging out, and you may need to attach a run to give your bunny more running space.

Overall, the Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is a product that is great for the price you pay. It’s made to last as long as you can stop your bunny from chewing at the wood, which is somewhat soft and light.

Click here to check the current price of the Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch on Amazon.

3.    Pets Imperial® Dorchester Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run

I’ve mentioned a few times now – when it comes to cheap rabbit hutches, you get what you pay for. The final Rabbit Hutch I’d like to display is nearly twice the price of the other hutches. Let’s get this straight – it is over $175. I absolutely did not intend for the title of this article to mislead you, but it is so important to understand that your rabbit needs more than just a small hutch. And for an extra hundred-or-so dollars, you can gift your rabbit this huge ark-shaped hutch that is predator proof, easy to assemble, and designed to last for years.

The Pets Imperial Rabbit Hutch & Run is a beautiful addition to any garden. It contains an easy-to-clean, galvanized metal tray which will not rust. The wooden panelling is made from tongue and groove shaped boards which are attractive, strong and beautiful in pretty brown and white colours. The hutch is entirely fox and coyote proof, so that your bunny will stay protected in your backyard. It is made from animal friendly treated timber, which is designed to last for years. And finally – the product comes flat backed in two boxes, with clear assembly instructions.

Dimensions: Length x Depth x Height = 80” x 31” x 40” = 203cm x 79cm x 102cm

Advantages of the Pets Imperial Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run

  • Entirely predator proof.
  • The roof opens, which gives you easy access to all sections of the hutch. The roof is also very tall, which means you could optionally attach a third level to the hutch.
  • The panelling is made from an animal friendly tongue and groove treated timber, which is designed to last for years.
  • The hutch has a galvanized metal tray which is easy to clean and will not rust.
  • The product comes flat packed in two boxes. Even though assembly is required, the instructions are very clear.
  • Easy to move around the backyard. When your rabbit has grazed out a certain patch of grass, you can simply move the hutch to another spot.
  • The hutch looks very attractive and will fit nicely in a garden.

Disadvantages of the Pets Imperial Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run

  • You will need to protect the bottom of the hutch to stop your bunny or bunnies from getting out. This is pretty much the case for all hutches.
  • It does look slightly smaller than the picture portrays (it’s only 4 feet tall). This said, the actual size is excellent in comparison to the other two hutches we’ve seen.

My thoughts: This hutch outranks the other two by far. Though it is slightly more expensive, it is well worth the money in both the long run and the short run. Imperial Pets® insist that the product is designed to last for years – so you won’t have to replace your bunny’s accommodation as often. Though it is smaller than the picture portrays, if you pay attention to the measurements given, there won’t be any big surprises.

Let’s do some quick comparative calculations here. We’ll calculate the floor space each hutch provides:

  1. Merax: 48” x 25” = 1200 inches squared
  2. Advantek: 48” x 25” = 1200 inches squared
  3. Pets Imperial: 2480 inches squared

That is to say, the Pets Imperial hutch provides you with more than double the ground space than the other two hutches. That’s double the predator protection area, double the running space, and likely double your bunny’s happiness. For less than double the price! And let’s not forget that Pets Imperial have made it very clear that this product is designed to last for years. That means you won’t have to replace your bunny’s accommodation so often!

Even better, the hutch is four feet tall. I think adding another level to your bunny’s play house would make an enjoyable and rewarding DIY project! Let’s be real – you’re probably here because you love your rabbit (or future rabbit). Show some love for your bunny by giving them the space and protection they need with this Ark Bunny Hutch from Pets Imperial.

Click here to take a look at the current price of the Pets Imperial Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run on Amazon. 


When it comes to rabbit hutches – you get what you pay for. I highly recommend the Pets Imperial Dorchester Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run, as it is the largest and safest for your rabbit. While the other two hutches make great options for rabbit accommodation, they are simply not big enough for any more than one small rabbit.

One of the greatest benefits of the Ark Rabbit Hutch is that you won’t have to worry about replacing your bunny’s accommodation for years!

Think of your purchase of the Pets Imperial Dorchester Ark Rabbit Hutch & Run as an investment – you’ll pay a little more money now, but you’ll reap the rewards in the years to come.