How to Prevent Your Rabbit From Getting Myxomatosis

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Bunnies are wonderful pets that can add a sense of liveliness and fun to your home. However, just like any other pet, bunnies can fall victim to illnesses and get very sick. One of these illnesses is called myxomatosis, and can be fatal for your furry friend. How can you prevent your bunny from catching myxomatosis? There are plenty of ways … Read More

How To Trim Your Bunny’s Nails

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How To Trim Your Bunny's Nails

Trimming your bunny’s nails makes up a vital part of keeping them in good health, and while many rabbit owners take their bunny to the vet, you can simply and safely cut your rabbit’s nails yourself. Even though most vets can do the job very cheap, a lot of owners wish to cut their rabbit’s nails themselves. Domestic rabbits will … Read More

Should I Keep My Bunny Inside Or Outside?

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Bunnies Inside Or Outside Rabbits

The question of whether to keep your rabbit inside or outside is widely and passionately contested amongst bunny owners. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and your personal solution depends on your own values, and what you think is best for your rabbit. In this article, I aim to provide an insight into the positives and … Read More

How To Take Care Of A Runt Bunny

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BunnyHub - a Baby Bunny

In a group of animals, generally a litter of animals, we call the “runt” the member who is smaller and weaker than the others. This gives it a survival disadvantage and extra care can be taken to ensure the survival of a runt animal. As the phrase goes, rabbits breed… Like rabbits. Because of this, many rabbit owners have experienced … Read More