Everything You Need To Know About Adopting A Bunny

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Rabbits make beautiful pets, whether you have children or not. There are several rabbit breeds, so make sure that you take your time choosing one for you and your family. Rabbits make great pets because they need little space, bond closely with their owners, and are easy to train. They are also beautiful and are fastidious groomers. If you have … Read More

Here’s What Flooring You Should Use For Your Rabbit’s Living Quarters

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Perhaps your kids are attacking you with requests – “I want a bunny!”, or you might be thinking of getting one yourself. Perhaps you clicked on this article because you’re wondering what kind of flooring you should use for your rabbit’s ‘living quarters’, whether that be a hutch, play-pen or your entire house! Indoor Home Options For Your Rabbit Rabbits … Read More

Is Your Bunny Scared? This Is What To Do.

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scared bunny

People have been keeping domestic rabbits as pets as far back as 600 AD. Now, more than 2.5 million homes in America enjoy the company of our furry friends.  However, having a pet rabbit is also a big responsibility, and keeping them healthy is only part of the job! Because they are such intelligent animals, bunnies are also very sensitive to their … Read More

7 DIY Homemade Rabbit Treats to Make for Your Pet

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homemade rabbit treats

Are you looking for homemade rabbit treats to give your pets? Because of how adorable they are, most people get a rabbit for themselves as their pets. It’s only later on that they also realize that there are tons of benefits for having them as pets, too. Upon realizing this, owners want to keep their furry buddies in healthy condition … Read More

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Bunny as a Pet

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having a bunny as a pet

Are you considering having a bunny as a pet? As compared to more traditional pets like cats and dogs, bunnies offer pet owners a new set of benefits. Not only are bunnies clean and easy to train, but they’re also gentle and thrive on forming a close bond with their humans. When you get your first bunny, you’ll be quick to realize … Read More

How to Prevent Your Rabbit From Getting Myxomatosis

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Bunnies are wonderful pets that can add a sense of liveliness and fun to your home. However, just like any other pet, bunnies can fall victim to illnesses and get very sick. One of these illnesses is called myxomatosis, and can be fatal for your furry friend. How can you prevent your bunny from catching myxomatosis? There are plenty of ways … Read More

How To Trim Your Bunny’s Nails

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How To Trim Your Bunny's Nails

Trimming your bunny’s nails makes up a vital part of keeping them in good health, and while many rabbit owners take their bunny to the vet, you can simply and safely cut your rabbit’s nails yourself. Even though most vets can do the job very cheap, a lot of owners wish to cut their rabbit’s nails themselves. Domestic rabbits will … Read More

The Best Cheap Rabbit Hutches For Under $175

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Best Cheap Bunny Hutches

Cheap bunny hutches are a little hit and miss. There are some great products out there, and some products you’ll be wishing you hadn’t purchased. If you’re looking at buying a bunny, or purchasing some new accomodation for your rabbit, then this article is for you. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time to spend on a DIY project for … Read More